My over 30’s skin care haul from Superdrug

Superdrug, my go to store for all sorts! I recently resigned myself to the fact I am over 30 and in serious need of a skin care routine that will look after my skin. Just applying Nivea hand cream on my face every night just isn’t cutting it.

I have crows feet, puffy eyes and proper bin bags under my eyes.

About 2 years ago I was moaning to my mum about the state of my skin, she asked what my skin care routine was *blank face* a what? My mum said I needed to moisturise my face and neck day and night to help keep my skin hydrated and looked after. I started using my nivea hand cream every night thinking that’ll do!


2 years later my skin and wrinkles are worse. I was looking in the mirror the other day examining my crows feet and BB said casually, mum your nearly 40 that’s why you’ve got wrinkles.

Bamm right in my face. Yes I am two years off of 40! Off I go asking some blogging ladies about their skin care routine (cringing with embarrassment!). I never knew there was so much to it! I mean, washing my face with Micellar water, cleanse then moisturise! That’s every night! Morning is all about washing off excess dirt and moisturise again! Oh and don’t forget the eye cream! This is before I start putting on makeup!

So I went shopping in Superdrug with a list of items I needed to purchase to start this new over 30’s skin care routine.

Here is what I brought.

  • The Nivea Q10 day and night creams. I’ve heard some good reviews about these creams so while they are on offer I thought I would give them a go.
  • Visibly clear pore and shine daily wash. I have again heard some good reviews on this face wash. It smells nice too. It’s job is to unclog pores & mattify skin, providing a flawless-looking complexion. I have seen an improvement in my skin already as my skin isn’t as shiny.
  • A tea tree face mask.
  • Superdrug’s own vitamin E eye cream. I pray this works for my bags!
  • I keep hearing Micellar water is the way forward and I need to ditch the face wipes as they are bad for our skin using them all the time. I like Simple’s products as they are supposed to be gentle for sensitive skin which I have. I can’t believe how much dirt comes off my face since using this!
  • Superdrug’s own tea tree cleanser. I have never used a cleanser before (neither have I used any of the above either lol), apparently the cleanser helps promote a clearer, ‬‭healthier-looking complexion. We shall see!

This should keep me going for a while!

What skin products do you use to keep your ageing skin healthy?


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