10 reasons to love Autumn.

I do love Autumn, the colours changing on the trees, the crisp fresh mornings, the excitement that Christmas really isn’t that far away now. Time to start shopping for me now all my family birthday’s are done for another year.

  1. No more feeling sweaty and bothered before starting work from the heat of summer mornings.
  2. I don’t know about you but sandals really aren’t my thing. I personally much prefer boots. where I can wear socks. I can’t stand sweaty feet.
  3. Chunky knit jumpers that hide all the wobbly bits.
  4. Stew and Dumplings, Jacket potato with Chilli Con Carne, only to be eaten when it’s chilly outside.
  5. Thick PJ’s, bed socks that I wear all day at home and a cosy hooded dressing gown.
  6. An excuse to stay indoors when you feel really lazy (sorry kids!) When it’s wet and gloomy, a film of two may just keep them indoors. A whole day out just isn’t the same when your cold and wet.
  7. The gorgeous sunsets and sunrises. 
  8. If your kiddies like arts n crafts then the gorgeous coloured leaves can make nice collages just using glue. Not much mess and the kiddies are having fun.
  9. Bug hunting. LB loves going on bug hunts.
  10. BB is an animal lover and she loves the idea of creating hideaways for hedgehogs (we have never had any in our garden but you never know).

What do you love about Autumn?

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